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Trans Allyship Workbook

Trans Allyship Workbook

Building Skills to Support Trans People in Our Lives

Written by Davey Shlasko and illustrated by Kai Hofius, with book design by Sophie Argetsinger.

Trans Allyship Workbook is for anyone who wants to get better at understanding and supporting trans people and communities. In plain language with approachable activities and illustrations, it prepares readers to take effective, accountable action. Buy one for yourself, your parents, your teachers, your kids’ teachers … or, buy  one to donate to your local library!

  • ~100 page paperback, with activities and color illustrations
  • Sections on intersectionality, they/them pronouns, and philosophies of allyship
  • Tips and “best practices” for the special allyship situations of parents, teachers, healthcare providers and therapists

Rev. Cathy Rion Starr

…packed with concrete tools and practices that hold the complexity of trans issues and invite curiosity and critical thinking with an open heart.

Rev. Cathy Rion Starr
Unitarian Universalist Minister

Shannon Sennott

…the only one of its kind, with a heightened attention to the intersectionality of identities within the trans lived experience. …There is no other single resource of radical trans allyship that I would recommend to both therapists and clients.

Shannon Sennott
LICSW, Family Therapist and founder of Translate Gender, Inc.

Tobias K. Davis

…the most practical and accessible guide for trans inclusion I have ever read. …If you are interested in learning more about supporting trans people in your family, your workplace, your school, your community and the world, but you only have time to read one book, read this one.

Tobias K. Davis
Playwright, Novelist, Activist

Mushim Patricia Ikeda

We can’t know anyone’s gender identity simply by observing them. This fact alone challenges and revolutionizes all of the ways our binary-gender physical, social, mental and emotional spaces are constructed.

Mushim Patricia Ikeda
Teacher, Author and Diversity Consultant

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